Determining the quantity of ashes you will receive from a funeral crematory can be challenging due to variations in cremation processes among different services. Additionally, factors such as the deceased person’s bone structure, age, height, and sex play a role in determining the size of the urn needed.

Typically, our large adult urns have a volume capacity ranging from approximately 200-220 cubic inches (3.0 – 3.4L), which is suitable for holding the ashes of an adult. We offer exchanges if you require a different size urn, provided it is unused and returned in its original condition. Alternatively, we recommend opting for the next size up if you are uncertain.

For average-height adults (152 cm-180 cm), a 200-220 cubic inch / 3.1 – 3.5L cremation urn is appropriate. Tall adults (182 cm and above) may require an urn with a volume of 220 cubic inches / 3.6L.

This is a general guide, and we advise contacting your crematorium or funeral director to confirm the exact size of the urn you need to purchase.

Large Adult Urn H 24cm’s or 10 inches 3.0 to 3.4L – approximately for an adult male or female
X-Large Adult Urn H 33cm’s or 12 inches 5.5L – approximately for 2 adults
Medium Urn H 20cm’s or 8 inches 2.3L – approximately for a person up to 65kg’s
Small Urn H 18.5cm’s or 7 inches 1.2L – approximately for a person/child up to a 40kg’s
X-small Urn H 15cm’s or 6 inches 600ml – approximately for a person/child up to 20kg’s
XX-small Urn H 11cm’s or 4 inches 250ml – approximately for an infant up to 6kg’s

Our keepsake collection is crafted to accommodate token ashes, with a capacity ranging from approximately 35 to 50ml, equivalent to 2-3 teaspoons of ash.

For those who prefer to scatter their loved one’s ashes in a meaningful location yet keep a memorial tribute, these keepsakes are an ideal choice. They are particularly well-suited for family members who wish to distribute a portion of their loved one’s ashes among siblings or relatives.

Additionally, our keepsakes are suitable for pre-term babies between 17-24 weeks gestation, depending on the style of the urn.

If you opt for jewelry cremation pendants, please note that they are designed to hold a tiny amount of ashes, providing a discreet and personal way to carry a small remembrance of your loved one.