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After serving as industry suppliers for numerous years, we have gained a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of business and the hurdles you encounter while catering to the requirements of families. Our extensive range of products is designed to assist you in overcoming these challenges, empowering you to curate meaningful experiences for the families under your care.

Cremation & Funeral Urns for Ashes

During times of loss, National Urns Australia is committed to providing solace and preserving cherished memories eternally. Recognizing the profound sorrow that accompanies the passing of a loved one, we stand ready to offer our support.

Our curated collection includes a diverse range of National Urns tailored for adults, children, and infants. Meticulously crafted from the finest materials and timber, our urns boast exquisite adornments, eschewing tradition to offer an affordable means of commemorating your loved ones. Choose from our adult urns and keepsake urns to honor and celebrate precious lives.

Cremation symbolizes the liberation of life energy, a practice observed across diverse cultures for centuries. Many firmly believe that the spirit or soul finds release through fire. Each of our urns carries a spiritual name with a unique meaning, intended to impart healing and comfort during times of mourning.


  • Large Brass Cremation Urns

  • Keepsake Brass Cremation Urns

  • Ceramic Cremation Urns

  • Heart Keepsake Brass Cremation Urns

  • Stands for Heart Keepsake Keepsake Cremation Urns

  • Cloissone Cremation Urns

  • Cremation Urn Bags & Urn Pendants

  • Cremation Urns For Scattering & Ocean Memorial Services

  • Bio Cremation Urns

  • Timber Cremation Urns

  • Stone Cremation Urns

  • Cremation & Memorial Jewellery

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